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R. B. Diamond Jewellers was founded over 26 years ago by Mr. Ramesh Maharjan. After spending eight years abroad and acquiring expertise in manufacturing, refining and sales of diamonds, he returned back to Nepal and opened up his small shop at Pako, Newroad with a few employees. His hard work and perseverance has helped in shaping the small business into one of the most prestigious and finest diamond companies of Nepal. All of these have been possible with the joint effort of hardworking and hospitable employees and loyal customers who have believed in the company.

Ramesh and Sarita Maharjan in the late 90s

With over 2 decades of experience in this sector, R.B. Diamond Jewellers excels in manufacturing, exporting, and retailing and has also expanded services to providing wholesale diamond jewelry.

R. B. Diamond Jewellers is synonymous to unique designs, excellent craftsmanship, perfect execution and superior quality. R.B. Diamond Jewellers puts the community and customer at the forefront of the business, which has led to the tremendous success and trust garnered through this intergenerational business, that now goes beyond visionary family members.

R.B. Diamond Jewellers hasn't just been a crown partner to me, but also a family that helped shape me and shine through out. My journey would have been dull if I didn't have team RB cherishing and polishing my moments of gain and joy. The precious crown didn't just define my name but reflected the art and culture of the whole nation and it wouldn't have been possible without RB's hard work and dedication.

I will always be happy to be a part of the family and further work as a team. On RB's 20th anniversary, I would like to congratulate the entire team for making it this far. May your hard-work and dedication take Nepal to the top of the world!”

Roshni Khatri

Miss Nepal Earth 2016

Our Team

Ramesh Maharjan

Owner / Founder

The best thing about diamond jewellery is that when it is passed on from one generation to the next, it carries, love, sentiment and values with it. 

Sarita Maharjan

PR Manager

Our biggest asset has been the relation with all our customers, employees and business parties throughout the 20 years.

Riken Maharjan


We have always been a big critic to our own company and that is what has helped us grow throughout these years. There is always room to improve and do something different.

Barsha Shrestha

Retail Executive

We realized that when we have quality product, exquisite design, international finishing matched with reasonable price, we will always have customers appreciating what we do.

Rina Maharjan

Product Manager

Customer Service is our top most priority therefore our commitment to our customers extends above and beyond. We always try to give people more than what they expect to get.

Ajay Maharjan

International Sales Executive

“Demand is measured in volume and thus volume must precede the price”. At R.B. Diamond Jewellers, you will find that our jewelry prices are what they really are worth. We always make sure our products are increasing more demand in the market which benefits our customers directly.

Riju Maharjan

Operations Manager

Jewelry is like a tattoo, we invest a good amount of time and money into it but the most important aspect that we feel is the emotion attached into every jewelry that we make for our customer realizing it’s a representation of love.

Sudip Singh

Production Manager

Being in the industry for 20 years, we’ve been able to build long term relationships with major global diamond & color stone suppliers which ensure strategic advantage across costs, consistency and quality of supply.

Thanking Our Brand Carriers

Finding the right ambassador who clearly understands the brand’s vision can be tough. Luckily, R.B. Diamond Jewellers has been fortunate enough to find ambassadors who bring in their own essence and add value to the brand. Our ambassadors have maintained the synergy & helped us connect more deeply to our customers. We thank them from the bottom of the hearts not only for their charismatic beauty, but also for their commitment and love for R.B. Diamond Jewellers.

R.B. Diamond Jewellers Pyukha, New Road
Kathmandu, Nepal
Call: 01-5325652, 01-5325651, 01-5333114, 01-5341977, 01-5353336, 01-5333113
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