It has been already 18 years that we are in this jewellery industry. We started with few employees but we have about 100 now which is possible only because of the trust that customers have on us. We continuously make an effort to maintain the trust of the old customers and build it among new customers.  


We recommend you to visit our showroom for jewelleries to get the following benefits and facilities:-

We have our own jewellery manufacturing plant and therefore we are able to create any desired design at anytime and keep our cost low.
Free jewellery cleaning, inspection, polishing, rodium and sizing for our customers. Thus, your jewellery will always look brand new.
Availability of latest technology for gold karat testing to assure the purity of gold.
                           Huge options of jewellery in every category from nosepin to 3 in 1 crown.
All our gemstones are examined by our GIA gemologist to ensure our customers’ trust. From stone identification to diamond grading, we do it all.
Various options of gemstones for our customers that meets their required design and budget.
All our designs go through several filtering aspects such as budget, color contrast, metal to stone ratio, market desire designs, new patterns, latest fashion trend etc.
Our skillful workers have the experience to make any sophisticated custom handmade jewellery.
We carry special jewellery like Cufflinks, Lockets and Tiepin for men and Crown, Mangtika, Hairpin, Rani Haar etc. for women.

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